A little bit about me.....

f course there's no better way to get to know someone than to meet them in person, over a cup of coffee perhaps (hint hint). Either way, here is a little bit of info about me and my life so you can have a peek inside the guy that wants to photograph you.
As you can see by taking a look at the pictures around these words, I am all about my family. Besides being great test subjects and awesome props for when I am practicing my photography, I adore spending quality time with them. Disney, of course, is our go-to vacation spot when we want to get away and watching movies at home for when we don't. Now, let's go back in time a bit (not too far back) to how this all started. I always had a love for Architecture so I decided to get a Masters degree in it. It was then that I purchased my first digital camera. I loved taking it with me wherever I went and photographing whatever I could. Now lets fast forward a bit past my marriage and on to the birth of our first child. I remember justifying the purchase of my first DSLR camera to my wife by describing how many great pictures I was going to take of our children. Of course she agreed and the rest is history! I was hooked on photographing their every move.
I started Robert Perez Photography back in 2009 with nothing but a dream....well not really, I had a camera and a few lenses too. I always said, to be TRULEY happy in your professional life, you must love what you do. I can say with certainty, that I am truly happy. I love meeting new people and creating lasting memories with my camera. My goal has always been to make great pictures but first and foremost to serve my clients with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. I now invite you to browse my website and connect with me to see how I can make memories for you.
Warmest regards, 
Robert Perez
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